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Imagine teaching engaged children who are confident and relaxed,

with agency over their own learning and behavior,

in a classroom where they feel valued with a sense of belonging…

We are here to help you achieve that dream.

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Curriculum, Newsletters & Tools

The Conscious Childhood offers instructional curriculum and classroom management

strategies that offer a remarkable increase in:

Student Confidence | Positive Social Interactions | Responsible Behaviors

Focused Attention | Creative Problem Solving | Engaged Learning Curriculum

for Children

The science and data behind the effectiveness of incorporating Social Emotional and Executive Function Learning into existing daily activities is solid. Parents and teachers alike report a “flow” in the classroom and at home, a remarkable increase in student confidence, positive social interactions, responsible behaviors, focused attention, creative problem solving and learning engagement. 


The Conscious Childhood is a resource with SEL Social Emotional and Executive Functioning learning strategies, lesson plans & tools to help support and instruct the whole “School Family” including the students, teachers, support staff, and parents. Our newsletters and lesson plans include assignments, games, activities and assessments to help adults navigate through SEL and EF skills and competencies with the foundation of having a deep sense of self, and an active conscious awareness through mindfulness and emotional regulation practices.

The Conscious Childhood framework aligns with The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
(CASEL) 5 Core Competencies including:






The CASEL 5 Core Competencies are the foundation for developing and expanding the children’s skill set to include learning competencies for more structured, meaningful and productive thought processes known as Executive Functioning. Assessment before and after each lesson offers an opportunity for teachers to assess growth, direct current instruction and provide future planning for on-going strategy and instruction.

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Mary Doherty

The Path Forward
in Education

Mary Doherty is an experienced educator for primary and middle school children. She maintains a Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in English and a Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential grades Preschool through grade 12th . She is a skilled creator and writer of curriculum and lesson planning for multiple academic subjects. Her true passion is learning and developing curriculum and activities for Social Emotional Learning, Executive Function Skills and Mindfulness Practices.

Mary Doherty Owner of Conscious Childhood

As a teacher for over 20 years and a parent for over 33 years, the one thing that I would like to share with our young children, on this path forward, is a lifelong love of learning. This involves removing the obstacles that are in the way of being open and receptive to the world around us. It means teaching children to question some of their thought patterns, to acknowledge and to welcome their emotional states and to witness their own sensory perceptions and reactions to internal and external input. It’s not about learning how to be more mindful or present, but rather how to stop blocking our innate conscious awareness. We are, in fact, already aware, open, curious and spiritual beings - that is our natural state; we are born that way. Young children are like flowing water in a stream of consciousness. Somewhere along the way the stream develops blockages, like fallen branches and debris.

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Our Fans


"My students love SEL time with the Conscious Childhood. Every lesson comes complete with everything you need to do creative writing projects. The kids love the vibrant bulletin board activities with illustrations they can connect with. The lessons come with formative assessment which is key for my administrative team. The results are measurable and we know this formula is working. The kids are starting to self-monitor and develop strategies for coping with anxiety and stress."

Brian F.

Private School Teacher - California

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